no you guys

my existence

it is the most boring existence

of all the existences

almost makes you wanna die again

i think people would find me more interesting if i were dead again tbh

Anonymous asked: FMK Lorcan, Lysander, Louis


  • F: Lysander I guess
  • M: Lorcan
  • K: Louis


Anonymous asked: FMK

well, this is awkward

  • F: Gilderoy :x
  • M: Rose
  • K(uddle): Barty

 cuddle is spelled with a k

FMKs?? ›

WOAH it is super super late and i just woke up

How does that even happen??

(um so hi)

Nutsy Bohemian Rhapsody


…only Cedric was drunk, I swear.

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my naem is cegrec degiory nd im drusk nd hratborken nn cryin

sad asad sad asad sda sad lonrly lief

(i was gone for a day or two because of school and shit, but hello, i have returned)